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ID has to surmount numerous challenges in order to maintain an efficient organisational structure. Our history and development are closely linked to the individual, the mobility of our on-site management teams (including local and expatriate staff), and a geographical dispersion (with intervention in remote or unstable regions) and short project funding cycles that are not conducive to medium- and long-term management. For this reason, the organisation is constantly concerned with clarifying its structure, ensuring effective relationship between colleagues and team work, and improving communication and staff training – especially when staff members first take up their posts.

Human Resources

More than 190 employees, including almost one hundred local staff and fifteen expatriates, ensure that projects are implemented on the ground. They are supported by a team of thirteen staff members in Poitiers at the association’s headquarters.

The implementation of each programme is coordinated by a member of staff, who manages all facets of the project (including staffing and finances) in liaison with local partners. This member of staff is supervised by an regional desk manager and supported by a finance manager, the latter of which may be based at the organisation’s headquarters or in the field.

ID relies on volunteers both at headquarters and in the field, and for both temporary and longer term assignments.

An executive board consisting of a range of competencies assumes control of strategic management. A committee, formed by the board, supports operational management. An annual general meeting brings together the organisation’s members so that legal formalities can be addressed and a conference debate conducted.


Organisation Chart