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Having risen out of Inter Aide, Initiative Développement is imbued with the same philosophy and maintains links with its forebear. ID has also forged links with one of Inter Aide’s other derivatives, Entrepreneurs du Monde. Over the years, these three NGOs have set out specific strategies and attained a reputation in their respective fields. They have stamped their “personalities” on the international solidarity landscape, demonstrating their different qualities in the process.

Beginning with agriculture, education and healthcare and gradually progressing to water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, and renewable energy, ID has always prioritised essential services. The countries of operation have changed since the organisation’s origins, although Haiti remains an important focal point of our programmes. These countries generally share common characteristics, such as some of the lowest Human Development Indices in the world, poorly organised civil societies, and fragile states. As the chronology below demonstrates, the type of work and areas of operation are often chosen as a result of chance encounters, as well as individual or institutional contact.


▸ 1994

Origins of ID

Philippe Malherbe and Rachid Karroum, respectively a doctor and water engineer, were managing programmes for Inter Aide and founded Initiative Développement on similar principles. Inter Aide, a development NGO established in the Paris region in 1980, was keen to limit its size in the interests of project quality. As a result, it encouraged some employees to develop other associations, leading to the creation of ESSOR in 1992, ID in 1994, and Entrepreneurs du Monde in 1998.

Until 2006, ID was chaired by Florence Germain (formerly Head of Human Resources at Inter Aide and currently a company director in India) and managed by Philippe Malherbe (1994 to 2006) and Rachid Karroum (1994 to 1998).

Initial Projects

We assumed control of health, education, and agriculture programmes begun by Inter Aide in the Ennery region of Haiti. This resulted in our subsequent support of the Haitian organisation PRODEVA.


We launched an education programme thanks to a board member who was of Beninian origin.

▸ 1996

The Comoros

We began a health programme at the request of the French Cooperation and Cultural Action Office  (SCAC), which was followed by an access to education programme in 1998.

▸ 1997


We started a microcredit programme and also created and consolidated the organisation ID-Ghana. In 2005, this project was transferred to Entrepreneurs du Monde (EDM), who specialise in microcredit (EDM and ID began sharing premises in 2003).

▸ 1999

Development and capacity building of the organisation CAP, which work in the education field in the Comoros.

▸ 2000

Development and capacity building of the organisation RACINES, which work in the education field in Benin.

▸ 2002


During the last decade, ID worked in partnership with Aide Médicale Internationale (AMI) in the Comoros. An AMI worker alerted ID to the extremely precarious living conditions being endured by people in certain Chinese provinces (where living conditions were worse than in several African countries). On this basis, two exploratory missions were conducted in 2000 and 2001. In 2002, an access to drinking water project began in Guizhou province. In 2005, the first renewable energy (family biogas) schemes were launched.


We launched a programme to fight against HIV/AIDS in Lomé

Development and capacity building of the organisation UCEA, which provide access to drinking water in the Comoros. 
▸ 2003


Having outgrown our premises in the centre of Poitiers, we moved to a larger site which we share with Entrepreneurs du Monde.

The SidEspoir Group

Local members of the organisations “Aides” and “Chrétiens et Sida” teamed up with ID to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa. With their help, numerous sufferers were able to benefit from antiretroviral treatment and psychosocial support.

▸ 2004


Poitiers is twinned with the Chadian town of Moundou, which is in an area plagued by HIV/AIDS. Consequently, ID set about developing and implementing an HIV/AIDS programme to combat the disease.


We began an HIV/AIDS prevention programme in conjunction with DEFAP, a Protestant Mission.

▸ 2005

Development and capacity building of Maeecha, an organisation promoting access to education for all in the Comoros.

Development and capacity building of ADEMA (Together for a better future in Haiti), which carries out work in the areas of education and local development in Haiti.

▸ 2006

Development and capacity building of CRIPS-Togo, an organisation working in the fields of healthcare and HIV/AIDS in Togo.

Development and capacity building of ALIDé (an organisation fighting against and promoting Initiatives for development) in the area of microcredit in Benin.

We launched programmes for education and access to drinking water in and around Moundou, south of Chad.


Launched of the Grandir project in partnership with the AIDS organisations Sidaction and Sol en Si. The project provided support for fourteen organisations working to combat AIDS among children in ten Sub-Saharan countries in Africa.


From 2006 to 2007 the organisation was chaired by Philippe Malherbe (former ID director), and Caroline Vignon  (a volunteer agronomist for ID in Benin from 1997 to 1999; then Country Manager for the Comoros and responsible for agronomy between 2002 and 2006) who became ID Manager in 2006.

▸ 2007

Development and capacity building of UCEM, an organisation involved in providing access to drinking water in the Comoros.


From 2007 to 2008 the organisation was chaired by Dominique Barreaud (a former employee of Aide et Action in Benin).

International Solidarity Prize

The High Council for International Cooperation (HCCI) awarded the International Solidarity Prize to ID for our education improvement programme in Haiti.

▸ 2008

Development and capacity building of ADN (Association Djénandoum Naasson), an organisation involved in healthcare and HIV/AIDS in Chad.


Alain Larreture (an agriculture and agrifood consultant) became the Chairman of ID.

▸ 2009

Energy Globe Award

ID was awarded the Energy Globe Award by the Austrian foundation of the same name. This was in recognition of our access to drinking water programme in China.

▸ 2010

ID branched out into service provision.

The first agricultural assessment was carried out in Benin for the Trafigura Foundation.

▸ 2011

Energy Globe Award

ID received a second Energy Globe Award for our biogas programme in China.


Benoit-Xavier Loridon, former Director of Aide Médicale Internationale, took over Caroline Vignon as Director.