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ID’s economic model can be seen as a system comprising:

» At its core, the human and material resources put in place so that we can carry out our work.

» “Incomings”, or our financial resources, which are largely attained through grants and other public funding (60 to 65%), private funding (30 to 35%), individual donations (3 to 6%) and other sources (2 to 10%).

“Outgoings”, or the use of these resources, of which more than 90% is directly allocated to our “social missions” (programmes), 6-7% to our running costs, and 1% on fundraising and communications.

Distribution of funds for 2011

Proportions pour l’année 2011

* The “running costs” comprise depreciation and running costs related to our headquarters in Poitiers on the one hand, and costs and salaries related to management and administrative staff on the other hand. Costs relating to headquarter employees involved in technical and financial monitoring of programmes are included under “social missions”.

» Keeping headquarter running costs to between 6% and 7% of total expenditure is indicative of our desire to direct the maximum amount of resources to the communities we support.

» Diversifying sources of funding is vital in order to limit risks, tackle the growing difficulties of obtaining public funding, and acquire the necessary independence to launch new projects without prior funding.

» Lastly, the establishment of an audit committee, improvements in budgeting, a sustained increase in rolling capital, and participation in a certification process are testament to the rigorous manner in which the organisation manages the funds at its disposal.