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Since 2005, Initiative Développement has led activities related to the issues of climate and environment through its Renewable Energies department. The projects combine two concerns: meeting the fundamental needs of the populations by improving their access to energy, and restoring and protecting the environment.

The Renewable Energies department developed a strong field knowledge and know-how in project development and management through the activities conducted in China, in Congo Brazzaville and in Comoros in partnership with the local communities.

The management of projects enabled him to acquire specific technical competencies in the field of technologies that are central in its projects, such as methanization (household bio-digesters), energy efficiency (wood and charcoal saving stoves and wood-saving distillation units), and reforestation.

The expertise in carbon finance complements its technical competencies. The Renewable Energies department’s projects keep an accurate record of the green house gas emission reductions or the carbon sequestration in forests. These emission reductions are validated by the Gold Standard (a certification body for carbon emission reduction projects, recognized internationally for its quality and rigour). The carbon credits which are thus generated can be sold to organizations that are willing to compensate their emissions. They become a complementary means of financing the Renewable Energies department’s projects and of ensuring the durability of its activities.

The Renewable Energies department furthermore provides its expertise to its partners: technical assistance, carbon credits generation, implementation, survey and assessment of energy and environment projects.

The Renewable Energies department also enables its partners sharing its values to access to carbon finance at limited costs by offering them the possibility to include their project devoted to renewable energies in its Sustainable energy for development outline Programme. This Programme has been validated by the Gold Standard and aims at reducing the transaction costs of access to carbon finance of carbon projects. At the same time, the Programme improves the visibility and intelligibility of such projects.

The experience and results ID obtained in the field of renewable energies have been recognized internationally in 2011 with the Energy Glove Award for its Biogas programme in the provinces of Ghuizou and Yunnan. Its projects, funded by the Trafigura Fundation, were finalist at the World Habitat Award in 2013.

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