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Why act in China, an economic world power that has been enjoying a double-digit growth rate for a decade? Because behind this economic success lie deep-rooted inequalities and environmental issues that concern us all! Guizhou and Yunnan, mountainous provinces located in the South-West of the country, which are isolated and a home to many ethnic minorities, reach the same human development index levels as Rwanda. These are the provinces where ID China mainly works.

Over more than 10 years, ID China’s action has considerably evolved. Nevertheless, all of our projects have a common goal. From our first projects focusing on access to water in 2002, to today’s reforestation activities or the construction of up to 3000 household biogas tanks and 2000 efficient wood burning stoves, our primary objective has always been to combine the improvement of underprivileged populations’ socioeconomic situation with the preservation and improvement of environmental conditions.

What makes ID China’s current projects stand out is our strategy of using carbon finance to sustain/in order to ensure the continued existence of the activities of reforestation, energy substitution (biogas) and energy saving activities (efficient wood burning stoves). This mechanism allows these projects to receive relatively small but long- term funds for over 7 to 21 years. During this period, the maintenance of biogas tanks and wood saving stoves as well as a sound management of the forest are guaranteed!

The skills acquired during these years of activity are not bound to disappear. Since ID China’s pilot projects, funded exclusively  by The Trafigura Fundation, they have been successfully implemented , and will be replicated in other regions. Some will be reproduced by ID China itself with projects to construct efficient stoves in the Comoros Islands or in Chad. Others will be reproduced by other partner NGOs that ID China supports throughout the world. ID China thus offers to help others (NGOs, companies of the social economy, official authorities…) who share our goals and values: Yunnan Green Foundation, for example, was able to develop a carbon project of household biogas thanks to our technical help!







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