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Initiative Développement (ID) is currently conducting 20 programmes (lien vers la page theme) in seven countries (Haiti, Benin, the Comoros, Congo-Brazzaville, Chad, Togo, and China). (liens vers les pages pays concernés)

Our vision

Today’s major challenges demand solutions, which are currently being formulated all over the world. While our “developed” societies are showing their vulnerability and limits, people in “developing” countries are expressing a growing desire to participate in the decisions that affect them. Moreover, civil society is mobilising on a worldwide scale in order to influence globalisation.

While global change continues apace, large swathes of humanity find their basic needs unmet, with inequality and exclusion also deepening.

ID aims to actively promote a fairer world by working alongside the host communities with which we have been associated more than fifteen years. We are convinced that these communities have a key role to play in meeting the challenges that face them.

With this in mind, we commit to:

»  promoting individual and community autonomy by fostering the emergence and reinforcement of local actors;

»  supporting all forms of human development, particularly social and economic, through concrete and lasting action.

Our missions

Our commitments fall into three main interwoven missions:

» Developing and strengthening capacity of local partners: we instigate the formation of local organisations and enterprises, help them to professionalise, work with local institutions (local authorities and regional bodies) to ensure that these partners become established, and ultimately transfer project responsibility to them.

» Satisfying basic needs in a sustainable manner: we work with the most deprived, improve their living conditions, and implement lasting solutions.

» Innovating: we constantly look to adapt to local contexts, ensure a high level of expertise for tackling new problems, and open up new project opportunities.

Our work

In practice, our initiatives are implemented through three types of activity, each corresponding to specific approach and expertise:

» Establishing local actors and helping them to structure themselves and build their  organisational capacities
» Devising and implementing projects that closely involve local populations
» Providing services within our areas of expertise.

3. Acknowledgement of our work (partie à mettre en évidence différemment par rapport au texte)


Energy Globe Award

Since 1999, the Austrian foundation Energy Globe has presented an annual award recognising environmentally friendly projects. Each year, 800 projects are reviewed and the prestigious awards presented by country in the categories of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Youth. ID has received the following two prizes for work in China:

» 2009 in the Water category for its safe drinking water programme in Guizhou province,

» 2010 in the Air category for its biogas programme in Guizhou and Yunnan provinces.


International Solidarity Prize (HCCI)

The High Council for International Cooperation (HCCI), a French advisory body, was charged with promoting regular collaboration between international solidarity and cooperation actors, as well as with raising awareness for cooperation. The HCCI was dissolved in 2008.

» ID was awarded the International Solidarity Prize in 2007 for its education work in the North-West Department of Haiti.