More than 8 years of experience in China

2000/2001: Beginning of the China project
Two exploration missions were conducted in China. The aim of these missions was to locate project sites and consider where ID’s work would be the most beneficial. After careful consideration, Guizhou Province was selected because of its socio-economic characteristics and because there are relatively few NGOs there.

2002: Launch of "Water access project" in Guizhou , in Weining district

2005: Launch of "Biogas project" in Guizhou, in Weining district

2007: Extension of the "Biogas project" in a second area in Guizhou, in Danzhai district

2008: Launch of "Biogas project" in Yunnan

2009: Beginning of the collaboration with the AFD

2010: Launch of "Wood saving stove project" in Guizhou

2012: Launch of "Forest project" in Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong, Yunnan
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