Carbon finance and biogas

ID Biogas projects allow beneficiaries to reduce their consumption in rewood and coal, hence reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Emission Reductions (ERs) are sold on the voluntary carbonfinance market.

ID’s emission reductions are recorded in line with Gold Standard requirements. Gold Standard is an organization that certifies emission reductions traded on the voluntary market. This quality label was set up by NGOs and testifies to genuine added value in economic and social terms guaranteeing that the development is sustainable.

The income from emission reductions sales enables ID to provide long-term quality control of all its Biogas projects while investing in new environmental or community projects for the benefit of the most underprivileged populations.
01/07/2011 - New ER delivery by ID China

On June 21st 2011, Initiative Développement officially delivered the first 591 tons of CO2 saved by the biogas project in North-East Yunnan. These tons will be written in Gold Standard’s register.

Thanks to this long work by the whole team, we capitalize on the Guizhou project which had already produced emission reductions, in the neighbouring province (see previous article). Among the five biogas projects in the world which have delivered ERs, two are ID projects!

An emission reduction is sold on the voluntary market in the form of a ton of CO2 equivalent. (One ton CO2e is equivalent to 1 carbon credit). Carbon credits issued by our projects are sold on this market to companies or individuals from developed countries willing to offset their carbon emissions through funding emissions reduction projects.

What will happen to these 591 tons ?

291 tons of the emissions reductions (ER) delivered by the Yunnan project will be sold to our partner Good Planet.

Another part of the issued ER, a few dozen tons, will be used to offset the emissions of ID China's projects. Michaël Kazmierczak, ID’s expert certified by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) to officially conduct Bilan Carbone® (carbon audits) is in charge of evaluating the CO2 emissions of our projects in China (transport, cement...).

ID will also keep some ERs in order to sell them directly to individuals and companies willing to reduce their environmental footprint.

If you or your company are interested by the purchase of Verified Emissions Reductions (VER), please directly contact Michaël Kazmierczak. He will help you evaluate your emissions and will explain how to reduce and offset them.


14/02/2011 - ID, second in the world to get carbon emission reductions issued through a rural biogas project.

At the beginning of 2011, ID became the second organization in the world to get carbon emission reductions issued through a rural biogas project. These are emission reductions generated by our project in Guizhou started in 2007. Those who bought these “carbon credits” in order to offset their carbon emissions now have the proof that the carbon emission reductions have actually been realized.

This success attests the long and difficult work that the team has been doing. The issuance of the emission reductions is the final stage of a carbon project which has first to be issued itself.
It therefore represents a great achievement for our initiative to train the team on project follow-up, surveying, tanks follow-up, and the guarantee that by carrying-on this long-term work the future emission reductions of the Guizhou project will be issued.
Finally, it is also recognition of the rural development work that we have conducted in this disadvantaged region.

Boosted by this experience and this success, we hope to get the emission reductions for our project in Yunnan issued very soon.

Besides, ID is now registered in China after being present for more than 7 years. This registration represents recognition and trust from the authorities.

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