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ID places great emphasis on the importance of providing training to all parties who are involved in constructing or using the biogas tanks, namely the technicians and the beneficiaries. Ensuring the long term use of the biogas tank has numerous benefits for beneficiaries, ID, and of course the environment. With proper care and maintenance a biogas tank can run for around 21 years, and thus during this time can help prevent deforestation, provide free and renewable energy and fertilizer and improve the local general sanitation and air quality. However, problems with biogas tanks do arise and if beneficiaries do not know how to solve them or if help if unavailable then they may cease using their tanks. The principle aim of ID’s training sessions is to empower the beneficiaries and technicians with the knowledge they need to ensure the sustainable use of the biogas tanks. ID facilitates 5 different training sessions over a 2 year period.
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