Who is Gold Standard

The Gold Standard is an award winning certification standard for carbon mitigation projects and is recognised internationally as the benchmark for quality and rigour in both the compliance and voluntary carbon markets. We certify renewable energy and energy efficiency carbon offset projects to ensure that they all demonstrate real and permanent greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and sustainable development benefits in local communities that are measured, reported and verified.

Established in 2003 by WWF, The Gold Standard is the only certification standard trusted and endorsed by more than 80 NGOs worldwide, including Care International, World Vision Australia, Forum for the Future and Mercy Corps. It is also the standard of choice for multiple governments and multinationals such as H&M, DHL, Swiss Post, Nokia, Virgin Atlantic, Panasonic, TUI Travel and FIFA. United Nations agencies use the Gold Standard for the development of their own carbon mitigation and sustainable development projects.

Gold Standard projects must adhere to a stringent and transparent set of criteria developed by the Secretariat, overseen by an independent Technical Advisory Committee and verified by UN accredited independent auditors. The certification process uniquely requires the involvement of local stakeholders and NGOs.

ID signs the Gold Standard pledge

In February 2011 Initiative Développement signed the Gold Standard pledge, undertaking that at least 51% of the emission reductions (ER) obtained by our projects are validated by the Gold Standard Foundation. The label of the foundation is “today internationally-recognized as the leading indicator of quality in carbon markets”.

Since summer 2010 ID is also one of the sixty NGO supporters of the foundation, sharing this role with WWF, Greenpeace and the Rainforest Alliance.

An emission reduction is sold on the voluntary market in the form of a ton of CO2 equivalent. (One ton CO2e is equivalent to 1 carbon credit). Carbon credits issued by our projects are sold on this market to companies or individuals from developed countries willing to offset their carbon emissions through funding emissions reduction projects.

The particularity of the Gold Standard is that it not only validates a reduction of Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but also ensure that the project respects the principles of sustainable development. This is the reason why ID decided to use the Gold Standard methodology.

The families for whom ID builds biogas tanks or wood-saving cook-stoves through its Yunnan and Guizhou ID projects are extremely poor: some of the villages where we are involved have average annual incomes by inhabitants of 65 euros.
Our projects not only allow emissions reduction thanks to the shift away from traditional fuels (wood and coal), but time and money savings as well as the improvement of indoor air quality are progresses that the Gold Standard allow us to get recognized by the buyers of our carbon credits.

This recognition naturally translates into a higher selling price of the carbon credits than the one of carbon credits issued through a project without social dimension. This valuable funding is used for tanks maintenance, beneficiaries training or investment in new projects.

More information is available on the Gold Standard website:

On the conditions of our pledge.

On our role as NGO supporter.

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