3 good reasons to invest with ID

- Local impact for populations and global benefits for the environment: populations' living conditions are improving while fighting deforestation, pollution, global warming.

- Targets' relevance: disadvantaged populations, living in isolated areas, within a damaged environment.

- Acknowledged experience and skills: water and sanitation, renewable energies, carbon finance, training.
Invest to curb climate change!

ID China provides you with the opportunity to invest in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases:

- With a donation of 50€, ID can build an efficient wood-burning stove that can prevent the emission of 25 to 40 tonnes of CO2 during its lifetime of 10 years. ID will make use of these reductions in carbon emissions by selling carbon credits. The money gained from the sale of these credits will enable ID to monitor the project and invest in 4 to 6 other efficient stoves!

- With a donation of 500€, ID can build a biogas tank, toilets and an animal pen which can prevent the emission of 60 to 90 tonnes of CO2 during its lifetime of 20 years. ID will make use of these reductions in carbon emissions by selling carbon credits and will use the money gained to monitor the project and invest in 1 to 3 other biogas tanks!

In addition, the above mentioned equipment allow households to save time collecting wood and will reduce their need to purchase of fuel. The biogas tanks also improve hygiene and sanitation.

Your investment may therefore have an incredible multiplier effect. Contact us to let us know what you would like to invest in!

Note that your donation can result in tax reduction (see below).
Contribute to our independance and pionnier spririt

Your donations, whether they be occasional or regular, large or small, enable ID to work in an independent and autonomous fashion. With your support, ID can continue to improve living conditions in Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. Donations also allow ID to launch new projects in China and elsewhere around the world while maintaining its innovative spirit- a core value at ID.

Your donations are eligible for a tax cut amounting to 66%. So, a donation of 100 € would effectively cost you 34 € after the tax has been deducted and a tax receipt will be sent to you upon reception of your donation.

Download ID's donation form

ID is a registered charitable organization (Reg No. 98 - D1/B1/492, April 22, 1998) and as such is authorised to receive donations and bequests.
For donations up to 470€, Individuals receive a tax deduction of 75% . For donations between € 470 and 20% of taxable income, the donator is eligible for a tax cut of 66%. Donations exceeding this limit during a year may be carried on the following 5 years and qualify for the same tax cuts. For example, for a donation of 100 € one would get a tax reduction of 75 €.

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