Initiative Développement China wins an Energy Globe Award

We are happy to announce that Initiative Développement (ID) just won a 2011 Energy Globe Award for its work.
This prize is awarded every year by the Austrian foundation Energy Globe :

Bringing forward a tangible solution to improve life conditions and protect the environment.

This “National Award for China” has been won by ID's biogas project “Biogas in Guizhou and Yunnan : when improved living conditions meet environmental protection”.

2,500 biogas tanks have been built by ID in China between 2005 and 2011. Our application to Energy Globe especially stressed our work done through training and post-construction follow-up to increase the durability of the tanks. Besides, our team is involved with supporting wider reaching projects along FGEF (French Global Environment Facility) and AFD (Agence Française de Développement).

Biogas disgester projects allow for a reduction in families consumption of firewood and charcoal, consequently reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Our emission reductions meet the criteria of Gold Standard, an independent organisation respected worldwide for its strict methodology. Gold Standard certifies the validity of our emission reductions, as well as the positive impact on society and the environment.

Today, we estimate ID's biogas tanks to have saved the emission of more than 7,000 tons of CO2.

The Energy Globe Awards are among the world's most prestigious environmental prizes. They award model projects in fields such as natural resource protection and/or renewable energy diffusion, along with actual life conditions improvement for disadvantaged populations.

The Energy Globe Awards ceremony was held on Nov 25th in Wels, Austria. Benoît-Xavier Loridon, ID's president, and Christophe Barron, Renewable Energy department manager, attended to receive the prize.
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