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Initiative Développement (ID) is a non-governmental organization of international aid, founded in 1994 in Poitiers, France. Its main mission is to lead several kinds of development projects in the poor areas of emerging countries, and by doing so, to raise the standard of living of their inhabitants. ID's basic services lie in the fields of healthcare, education and training, access to clean drinking water, energy, etc. It raises the income of families through projects in rural development, micro-investment and vocational guidance counseling. ID also creates self-help groups.

ID is currently comprised of 113 staff in the field and 13 at its headquarters. It operates in 8 countries, where it has already built up over 20 aid projects for approx. 250,000 beneficiaries.

Since 2002, ID China has undertaken the following drinking water access projects: 30 wells, 164 tanks for private beneficiaries, 6 water supply networks, and 13 tanks and latrines for schools. Although the missions were completed in 2009, ID still ensures follow-up work. In 2009, the organization received the National Energy Globe Award for its water access projects in China reaching 20,000 beneficiaries.

Since 2007, ID China has engaged in renewable energy and CO2 emissions reduction projects. In China 19,000 people have already benefited from the construction of over 2,750 biogas tanks and 2,000 wood-saving stoves. The establishment of ID's projects is always complemented with training and monitoring. Spare parts are supplied for optimum maintenance.

In order to develop a feasible model for long term projects, ID carries out several experiments. Among those are organic farming trials in which digested material from the bio-digesters are substituted for artificial fertilizer, and used either directly as fertilizer or mixed with organic waste into compost, in order to save money.

At the same time, ID China has undertaken a feasibility study for a carbon reforestation project. The completion of the feasibility study will allow the project to start at the end of the summer 2012, and the planting to begin in 2013. A 500 mu (33 ha) test plot will be planted the first year, for a total of 3,000 mu (200 ha) planted within three years.

Carbon finance is one of the aspects of the development model supported by ID. Thanks to income generated by the emission reductions, it is possible to provide long term monitoring costs. Stemming from the success achieved by its carbon finance projects, ID now seeks to share its experience with Chinese and international organizations. ID cooperates with Yunnan Green Development Foundation (YGF), particularly on the CO2 emissions reduction project among Mangshi town biogas users, where it provides advice with regards to carbon finance. ID also brings its technical support to the French Development Agency (AFD) for carbon development within the frame of the Franco-Chinese pilot project for a clean development mechanism (CDM) and skills development.

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