Initiative Development in the World

Development Initiative is a non governemental organization (NGO) founded in Poitiers (France) in January 1994.

ID is now working in eight countries: Haiti, Benin, Comoros, Chad, Congo, Togo, Ghana and China.

Based on the premise of a world where, from the North to the South, much of humanity sees its basic needs unmet, lives in dehumanizing situations, suffers injustice and where inequalities are glaring and where exclusion is growing. ID aims to defend the values of solidarity through concrete actions promoting human, social and economic development, whilst respecting and protecting the environment.

ID wants to revisit and help rebalance healthy North-South relations and mutual need, seeking as much as possible to mobilize expertise and funds to the South and promote South-South relations. This can only be done when we work with consistancy with local parties, within civil society and when we work towards the deepening of knowledge and mutual respect.

ID is working on the implementations of development programs in various and complementary fields:

• Access to basic services: health, schools, drinking water and clean energy
• Health education and AIDS prevention
• Increase in income: agriculture, access to employment and vocational training
• Training and community structure

Access to water, health, education and employment are considered by ID as basic needs. Meeting these needs enables individuals to project themselves into a better future and to provide their own solutions for sustainable development.

The intervention of ID is usually integrated, in other words, actions programmes for health, education andd access to employment are considered as complementary.
In order to prevent dependency, it is essential that these needs are met through care and empowerment of communities.

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