ID’s actions in China

ID programs in China are focussed on 3 areas:
- Access to water
- Access to clean energies
- Beneficiaries awareness to environmental and health issues

The water project started in Guizhou province in 2002. This project aim to facilitate access to clean and safe water in rural areas. Through this project, remote village schools and families in Guizhou province were able to obtain rain catching tanks, wells and safe water networks.

The biogas project was launched in 2005 in Guizhou province. In 2009, a new biogas project started in Yunnan province. These projects aim to provide a source of "clean and renewable" energy to local people. This alternative energy source will help reduce deforestation and pollution by offering an alternative to wood and coal.

The Wood-saving stove project was launched in 2010 in Guizhou province. It aims to improve energy efficiency of stoves and thus reduce the beneficiaries' wood consumption.

Beneficiaries outreach programs are organised in tandem with projects related to water, biogas and wood-saving stove. The aim is to enable better understanding of environmental and health issues of children (through training at school) and adults (through the training of beneficiaries in the operation of access to water or biogas).
ID’s goals in China

- Allow access to energies improving living conditions and producing less greenhouse gases.

- Allow access to water in rural isolated areas.

- Increase awareness of families and school children, with adapted trainings, to sanitary and environmental stakes in the regions where we undertake actions.

- Spread our experience and share our skills by working with local and international partners.
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